Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Work Continues

Now that the dulcet serenade of the jackhammer has ceased (for the moment), let's check the progress on the other side of 2nd & Blanchard:

Yesterday, it was all about rubble and anger. Today, it's more gravel and despair. God knows what their doing. I guess I could ask but those orange-vests seem so busy with their metal monsters and shovels and traffic revisions. Maybe I'll just do like many of this neighborhood's idlers: just stand and gape.

Oh, and while I was taking pictures, I saw this truck:

Do you think that's a real company name? Like if some guy worked there and had a kid and if you asked the kid where his dad worked and he'd say: "My dad works at Non-Potable Water WATER Do Not Drink." Gosh, what a terrible name for a company! Can you imagine being their receptionist? I can. If it really is a company and I was their president, I'd change the name to the Super-Fun Non-Potable Water Concern. I mean, that doesn't drive people away like Non-Potable Water WATER Do Not Drink. Who's in charge of this firm, anyway? Grim but honest Russians? This truck really has me asking questions.

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