Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BREAKING: 4th Avenue Is Getting Repaved...A Little

Well, for the last two weeks, motorists have been fending for themselves over long unpaved sections of 4th Avenue. This was a little strange, since they'd been doing all this intense work from April till the beginning of June. Once 4th was minus its surface, everybody just kind of went home. Of course, they left their heavy equipment, but there was a conspicuous lack of activity going on. For many of this city's SUV holdouts, driving over the rough roadway and conquering the protruding manhole and utility covers was as close as they'll ever get to off-roading. But that proof of toughness appears to be at an end. The paving has begun. Observe:

OK, so it only covers four blocks so far, from Virginia to Battery and it appears to only be one lane (known in the paving industry as the "porn star stripe"), but it beats the total crappiness that's been there the last two weeks. Thank you, City of Seattle, for finally getting off your asses and doing a little paving for the people!

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