Friday, June 19, 2009

This Week in Window Boxes

Except for today, it's been another week of sunniness - and by the way, 2nd & Blanchard sure smells funky at present. I'm not sure what or why it is, but it's like somebody poured vinegar over a dog who badly needed a bath and then set him on fire. That's the smell. But I digress. You'll notice that this week's window boxes are much fuller than last week's offering. Observe:

Yes, a nice group photo for sure, but I know you want the close-ups. Here goes:

With the red flax (the one that's different from the other two), maybe you can see it, maybe you can't, but they're in bloom. Yeah, for a grain they're very pretty. I took lots of photos yesterday:

Are you sick of seeing photos of red flax flowers yet? Of course you aren't! Here are more:

These flowers are very clever; they fold up at night! Isn't that cool? I really hope that they keep blooming until God kills them, but I'm afraid that they're just going to be grain for the rest of the summer. If that happens, though, I'll feel like a farmer. I can go to the nearest feed store and talk about my "crop." I'm sure I won't sound like a dumbass or anything.

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