Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Huzzah for Commerce!

It looks like we've got ourselves a new business here! What a rarity! And here I thought that the economy was going to contract till we all became hobos who conducted business with cans of baked beans. But no, at 2nd & Bell, they're showing us their gumption and maybe a bit of moxie. Observe:

In case it isn't clear, it's going to be called Bedlam and it's opening soon. It's going into the space once occupied by Spa Noir (which has moved down the street (they're now next to Saito's, Seattle best sushi restaurant) because they're so busy; hooray for growth!) and the legendary Wall of Sound. Bedlam will share the lower story with Dennis' Murder Mart (does that place even have a name??) but hopefully they won't share a majority of customers. Even though there is quite a bit of competition in the neighborhood (the tiny Cafe Casbah is up the block and there are three Starbuckses within two blocks) these guys should do OK if they brew a decent cup of Joe and keep out the riffraff.

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