Friday, June 19, 2009

Belltown Challenge: Starbucks vs. Mexican Restaurants

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Belltown Challenge, the pointless contest of quantity over quality! This time around I've trudged through the neighborhood in search of Starbucks and Mexican restaurants. The rules are simple: those things that achieve numerical superiority win. What do they win? Nothing! Let's get started.

First we have Belltown's Starbuckses:

This one is at 1st & Battery in the wonderful Austin A. Bell Building.

Next, it's a particularly unphotogenic one at 2nd & Lenora.

Moving along, there's an operation in the lobby of the lovely Darth Vader Building. Here's yet another funky way of looking at the Darth:

Last and least, there's the fringe-dwelling Starbucks at 6th & Stewart that got attacked by "anarchists" during the WTO "riots." Observe:

OK, that's four. What? You thought there were more? Nope, that's all we've got. The one in the Market doesn't count, because it's in the Market, not in Belltown. Heck, the one at 6th & Stewart barely counts, but we'll include it to keep things interesting.

And now for the Mexican restaurants:

Here's Tia Lou's on 1st, between Blanchard & Bell. It's been around for at least a dozen years and I haven't ever been there.

Taco Del Mar at 1st & Blanchard. Even though TDM is not a true sit-down Mexican restaurant, I've decided to include it, because they can make some pretty excellent burritos when they feel so inclined.

Here's another TDM at 5th & Cedar. I've never been to this one. Why should I? The one at 1st & Blanchard is right out the back door.

Even though Dos Amigos shares a counter with Belltown Burger, it still counts. Oh, it's at 5th & Bell.

Last and certainly not least is the gem of Belltown, Mama's, at 2nd & Bell. For 35 years, they've dished out the neighborhood's best Mexican food by far. I only go a few times a year, because I always want it to be special. And it always is. If Mama's ever closes, I'm leaving Belltown.

OK, I'm just waiting for the computer to tabulate the results the score of 5 to 4, Mexican restaurants take the day! Congratulations to Belltown's Mexican restaurants! Better luck next time, Starbuckses.

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