Wednesday, June 17, 2009

UPDATE: Journey to the Center of 2nd Avenue!

Things have been happening at the corner of 2nd & Virginia. Strange things. You'll remember that in a previous post I asserted, with no proof whatsoever, that this intersection was being used as a staging area for an expedition to the Earth's mantle. There are developments. Here's a shot from yesterday:

Here are some worker-guys obviously digging another shaft for the intrepid explorers to use. My guess is that relations with the mole-people have soured. Here is more evidence:

They're paving over the original shaft leading to the heart of mole-people country (it's a margravite), because several mole-persons escaped to the surface, had dinner at the Argentine Grill and were quickly rounded up by the margrave's secret police. As a favor to the mole-government, we're stopping up that passage and digging another one. That's how everything adds up to me. I will update when more details become available.

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