Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neighborhood Glyphs

With 2nd Avenue getting all geared up for repaving, gangs of orange-vests have been roaming up and down the street, spray painting the ground with odd symbols and assorted stuff, which I will now attempt to decipher:

These are obviously launch codes for the missiles under the sidewalk at 2nd & Stewart. It appears that both of them are aimed at Hungary. Since they're no longer enemies of ours, this might cause some international difficulties in the event of an accidental launch. Don't worry, though, you still need a key to fire them. Any key will do: house key, luggage key, answer key - they'll all work. It's really nice to know that we've got nukes in the neighborhood. If not for those missiles, Belltown's crack troubles would be way worse.

A little further down the street, we come to this cryptic offering:

This is either a map to the Fountain of Youth or the formula to turn base metals into gold. It could be both. More study is needed.

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