Sunday, December 27, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

Well, here it is, the last Sunday Squirrel of the decade. It's just a squirrel eating a peanut. Speaking of that, funny story: I was in Denny Park several weeks ago. A few squirrels were around along with maybe a half dozen crows. I spotted one little guy and offered him a peanut. He took it and I walked away from him. There was some commotion and I turned around to see that a crow had stolen his peanut. Apparently, this crow had walked up and simply taken it away from him. This did not make the squirrel happy. You know those old cartoons that feature irate forest creatures shaking their little fists at whatever's making them mad? Well, this was just like that. The poor squirrel was chasing after the crow, stopping occasionally to shake his little squirrel-fists at his thieving assailant. It was just like one of those cartoons. The crow eventually took off. The squirrel turned back to me and gave a little shrug. I offered him another peanut. This time, he held on to it. The end.

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