Monday, December 14, 2009

The DSHS Gets Tagged!

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than something scrawled in spray-snow on a government building. The war on Christmas is over - and the enemy is in full retreat! This weekend there wes a gaggle of filthy Santas roaming around the neighborhood. I think this bit of graffiti can be blamed on them. Frankly, I'd love to see more filthy Santa action around here. I thought it was primarily a Portland tradition, but they can't have it forever. I've seen the site that lists all these official documents regarding the filthy Santa gathering a few years ago (I'm too lazy to do a search for it). Apparently, the Portland police thought is was a legitimate threat to public safety, so they cruised around and arrested anyone dressed as Santa Claus. This only incited the remaining Santas to become drunker and filthier. It sounded like nonstop hilarity.

All this inspires me to go out this Saturday with my trusty camera and try to photograph as many filthy Santas as I can. Yeah, that sounds like a cool project. So it's decided!

As for the DSHS, they merely came in this morning and wiped off the tag. And now my holiday spirit is at a low ebb. Thanks a lot, guys!

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