Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After Hours

Sylvie Vartan. Buonasera, buonasera

Here's Sylvie singing in Italian for some kind of very elaborate TV special. Somebody went through an awful lot of trouble to put this scene together. I mean, it's absurdly well staged. It borders on the surreal. The tune isn't bad either. I don't speak Italian, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with saying "good evening" a lot. The strange thing is that despite the overall good quality of this production, it seems completely lost to time. Nobody in Italy says, "Hey Giuseppe, do you remember that TV show with Sylvie Vartan on it from the late sixties? You don't?? Eh, whatsamattayou, huh???" This is the single greatest thing about the YouTube. It brings all that stuff back. And although there's a whole lot of crap all over the site, it's still one of the greatest repositories of entertainment on this godforsaken planet.

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