Tuesday, December 8, 2009

After Hours

Coryne Charby. Pile ou face

Here's eighties-hot Coryne Charby wearing a large jacket and singing her hit song from the, uh, eighties. You know, a few years ago I saw the film 8 Women. It wasn't a completely enjoyable experience, but I did recall that this song was in it. And because YouTube is so awesome, there resides the 8 Women version of it with nineties-hot Emmanuelle BĂ©art.

You'll notice that she's not a singer - and how! But all the actresses in the film are in the same boat. Some performances are better than others. You can judge for yourself because I'll post all of the original tunes with their 8 Women counterparts. I think there are four in all. Anyhow, enjoy.

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