Sunday, December 6, 2009

Your Sunday Squirrel

I spent the day - the entire day - putting up Christmas decorations at my parents' house up in the sticks. This involved retrieving all manner of Xmas devices from underneath their house, going through everything, checking to see if the lights still worked (a lot of them didn't), putting them up and connecting them with a power source via a bizarre network of extension cords. And then I had to put up two fake Christmas trees in the house. So yes, it took a long time. My sister and nephews were no help at all, but that was nothing unusual. I left before it got fully dark, but I'm thinking that they've got a full-on winter wonderland-thing going on up there. Winnuh. Wunnuh. Lan. Damn straight. It's nice doing all that work for my folks, but I always forget that I'll also have to take all that stuff down in a month.

Enjoy today's squirrel.

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