Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh, the Humanity! Part 1

The Pita Xpress at 3rd & Bell has closed. Gosh, that didn't take very long at all! What happened? They opened at the tippy end of August and now they're a thing of the past. I guess that maybe there is a gypsy curse on this storefront. I ate here once. See, I'm not a huge lunch person, but I found it pretty good, though not especially cheap. At least the owner was really friendly. I always meant to go back, but now that's not an option. Well, poor Pita Xpress. It's too bad, but there are plenty of other cheap Mediterranean options close at hand. There's Kebab at 2nd & Virginia. They do a good job. Deli Shez is at 4th & Blanchard. I've never been there, so I can tell you nothing. There's also Falafel King in the Market. They're super-cheap, but sometimes not so great. Let's also not forget that there are two other Pita Xpress locations:

Like the sign says, there's one on Denny (which I hear is very good) and another on Howell (about which I hear nothing). Sorry, guys. A gypsy curse is a horrible thing to fight.

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Anonymous said...

This was weired , only opened 4 months, usually business need 6 to 12 months to know if it's good or bad.
by the way i tried deli shez cafe gyros, it was pretty good, i got it with the lunch special gyros & lentil soup and it was only $7.50.