Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

So this is what your New Year's Eve show looks like. It should be good. I like Cake. They're just like REM, except that they're totally different. They can be credited for making the trumpet part of the indie rock arsenal. Only a decade later had it reached the saturation point. And then everybody switched to glockenspiel as their quirky instrument. I guess my favorite tune of theirs is "Rock'n'Roll Lifestyle." I like how it's aimed at people who might potentially be their fans. I'm not gonna go see them - even if they're touring with the legendary worst band of all time, Dieselhed, as opening act. A group of friends and I saw them open for Link Wray years ago. They were awful in new and completely unexpected ways. For instance, each of their terrible tunes would feature lots of style and tempo changes. Instead of being interesting, it just become very boring very quickly. But the thing that made it such a grating experience is that they all acted like rock stars, strutting, preening and playing power chords for the crowd. We heckled them for the entire time they were on stage and then went and bought t-shirts. Anyhow, this has nothing to do with Cake. They're a decent group of guys and this looks like it will be a very good show.

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