Thursday, December 10, 2009

McGuire Scaffold-Watch! Week: ???? + 34

I am quite close to actively pitying the poor dwarf army toiling on the sides of this terrible building. It's very cold out. Why, just sitting in my apartment and writing this sucky blog is something of an ordeal, because I keep the heat off during the day and the temperature inside becomes comparable to the temperature outside. My hands tend to freeze by the afternoon. If they turn black is that a bad thing? Just kidding. So the poor dwarf army still toils away. In the freezing cold, they toil. In the wind and rain, they toil. In the burning heat, they toil. That's just the way it is for your average working dwarf.

On a note unrelated to dwarf-pity, am I the only one who wishes that they'd put some Christmas lights on that scaffold? It would really cheer the whole structure up. And since they're paying no doubt a tremendous amount of money for scaffold rental, for just a few hundred bucks, they could really convey the holiday spirit, whatever that is. Well, I suppose it begins with lights - and ends with somebody passed out face down in the eggnog bowl. All I know is that at this time of year, I'm totally pro-light. I have some up in window and about a million of them on my tiny, plastic tree. You can see the window lights and the glow from the tree if you look over from the V-Bar. If they don't get you in the holiday spirit, well, then you're truly hopeless. And that is why the McGuire needs to put lights on their tremendously ugly scaffold - to let everybody know that they're serious about Xmas.

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