Saturday, December 5, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Well, the Temptations and the Four Tops canceled tonight and that's too bad. Why did they cancel? Maybe they realized that their groups contained no original members. Not only that, but their replacement members have been replaced many times over. And it made them sad, so they called off the show. The end. OK, so this is what we have to look forward to. I'll admit it, I hate KMTT (or "the Mountain" as it's know around here), but it's a very important radio station, because it plays almost all the music I don't want to hear. If ever I'm confused about music that I don't want to hear, say the new John Mayer single or similar, I'll tune into the Mountain and if they're playing it, then I'm positive I'll dislike it. See how that works? So I'm pretty sure that if these three singer-songwriter have been played or even mentioned on KMTT, I'm nearly positive I'll dislike them. But you're welcome to go to the show. Feel free to sit quietly in your seat for the entire performance, sway slightly during tunes and applaud politely when they're done. In other words, you can be part of a 21st-century rock audience.

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Anonymous said...

I'm at the show now. Some guy called Sonny Rollins took the stage at 7:30 on the spot, played for 30 minute one just one song he said afterwards was called "St. Thomas," then announced the next song called "You Don't Know What Love Is," and he's still playing it. It's like he's never going to shut up.

You're right. You wouldn't like it. God, will this infernal racket never end?

- Ken G.