Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

There's no explaining this dude. His frat-boy look is at least 10 years out of date, his Wolfman Jack-lite rasp is grating on the ears and from what little I've seen of him on the Food Network, he's not particularly funny or even entertaining. My introduction to him was on those commercials for TGI-Chili-Applebee's. I thought he was just some actor with poorly bleached hair. But no, he's got his own show(s) and everything. Can you imagine how they pitched it? "OK, chief, so this doofus here goes around to hole-in-the-wall places around the country, invades their kitchens and makes food. Roll credits." I can't even conceive of what he's going to do at the Moore. It doesn't make sense to me when food people do these gigs. Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali did something similar at the Paramount last May. Do they just stand around and talk about food for two hours and then take a bow to thunderous applause? OK, sure, Bourdain is an entertaining character (especially when he's being a mega-jerk, which is often) and Batali makes a fine henchman, but Fieri? What's he gonna do? I guess you'll just have to go in order to find out.

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