Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

I've never heard of these guys, but here are two things I've recently learned about them: 1. 60% of the band wears nerd glasses, and; 2. they're not named after the hangout on the original Beverly Hills 90210. That was the Peach Pit. The local dive in the Jerry Lewis comedy masterpiece, The Nutty Professor, was called the Purple Pit. Neither of these is the Passion Pit, but they're close enough to cause slight confusion. Am I wrong in concluding that this is not a very good band name? I wish them a really nice gig at the Moore regardless.

Oh, and just to tie up loose ends since we're talking about the Moore... There was no surprise appearance by Sonny Rollins on Sunday. Commenter "Ken G" was fibbing. Question: why should one person on the internet want to lie to another person on the internet? It's a mystery for the ages. OK, so now we all know that if you're thinking about going out with "Ken G" and he sends you his picture, it's probably not recent.

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