Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And It Continues...

I didn't think that my dire prediction of more and more and more tagging on the Cristalla would come to pass so quickly, but things happen when they happen. Here is the latest addition:

Yes, this dumbass tagger was in such need to express himself in spray paint and the drab gray south wall simply would not do, so now the facade of the building is fair game. I'm all for it. Dumbass taggers, have at it! The Cristalla management doesn't care. I mean, they've already conceded the entire south wall of their building to you. Anything you put up stays up, so why not start working the front of the place?

It seems that Cristalla still doesn't understand that graffiti accumulates. If they're that dim, then the place deserves to have dumbass tags going up on all 24 stories.


Cristalla resident said...

Easy to bitch anonymously on the internet, isn't it? Perhaps some day when you actually get involved hands-on then you'll find that nothing is ever simple, and the south wall of the Cristalla is not. So don't start calling us dim or asking why we don't care, at least not without more information. Thanks.

We're working on doing something about it - in the meantime go pick up some trash or something.

- A Cristalla Resident

Igor Keller said...

And what would that something be? I'm dying to know. By the why, I didn't call you dim. I just figured you'd be a little more outraged at your building doing squat about the situation, which has resulted in more graffiti. Pick up trash yourself, rich kid and let me know how fulfilled you feel.