Monday, December 7, 2009

Construction's Great Leap Forward!

Well, there has been much progress in the two projects being built around these parts. As usual, we look at the Recovery Cafe first, two weeks ago and recent:

Gosh, I thought they'd added a floor, but I guess I was mistaken. Let's just rate their progress as "steady" and move to the A.L. Humphrey House.

I had to change the shot to include the whole structure, but I assure you that's the same building. Can you believe that? What did those guys eat for Thanksgiving? They're just flying through this job. I guess it's no fun working out in the cold, so they're hurrying it along. Well, I say that if it doesn't fall over, good job, guys!

And here's a shot of their crane:

Its stature is getting less impressive each day.

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