Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

I got a comment last night in my last Moore post, claiming that none other than Sonny Rollins was playing at the KMTT Winter Warmth concert. I think somebody is Yankee-ing my doodle. I sent my flying monkeys around the internets this morning and could find no mention of Sonny, save for his upcoming appearance here in May, 2010. If it really happened, then, well, why was Sonny crashing the singer-songwriter party? It makes no sense. I know that he likes to play in front of different kinds of audiences, but why this show? And what singer-songwriter in his or her right mind would want to follow that? The guy's been recording for 61 years! Anyhow, if I did miss out, I like to remind myself that not only is Sonny the absolute best guy I've ever seen live, he's also the worst. I've experience both sides. I guess that's why he's always worth seeing; the show could go either way. So if you were at there last night and heard Sonny play, good for you!

As for the Cranberries, God help us all! That "an dare bums, an dare gons" tune they did years ago was easily the worst song of the nineties. Sure, "The Macarena" was also a terrible song of that decade, but at least Los Del Rio could laugh at themselves. The same can't be said of the Cranberries. I'm pretty sure that if Sonny is still in town (if he ever was), he'll sit this gig out.


Jim said...

Just the thought of the Cranberries has ruined my day. Great picture of Sonny, though. What do you suppose he was doing in Palm Springs?

Igor Keller said...

He was shooting the cover of "Way Out West." Excellent album, btw.

Jim said...

Oh, that's a great album. Now I remember - the cover is in color and he's wearing a fantastic hat.