Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Rampage Continues!

Before I go on holiday hiatus, I would be remiss if I failed to feature Belltown's two construction projects. For those unacquainted, the two projects are the Recovery Cafe building and the A.L. Humphrey House. To say that construction is flying along is something of an understatement. Let's have a look:

Pardon those lousy trees blocking the view. Anyhow, this is the Recovery Cafe two weeks ago and now. Things are going really fast, but they done compare to the A.L. Humphrey House:

Ladies and germs, what we have here is a construction rampage, plain and simple. I hope that once it's up, it stays up. Usually, when I build something fast, whether it's IKEA furniture or a shrine to Vishnu, it falls apart quickly. It can't possibly be the case here, could it?

We close, as usual, with a shot of the A.L. Humphrey's crane, which is looking very non-majestic these days.

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