Thursday, December 17, 2009

Billy King Closes, Part Zillion

This isn't really news, because it happened a while ago and it also doesn't qualify for an "Oh, the Humanity!" because it's happened so often, but the Billy King Gallery at the former carpet store at Western & Lenora has closed. Well, I'm sure he'll find another location soon. I like the way he operates. He finds an empty storefront, moves in, sells art, then packs up and eventually finds another location. Apparently, he packed up in late-October/early November. I don't get down to that area of Belltown much, because, y'know, it's Western Avenue. But here is proof of his departure:

Sorry for the blurriness. My focus-bot must have been sick or something. Anyhow, I wish Billy the best of luck finding his next location.

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