Thursday, December 10, 2009

After Hours

Duet. Toi Jamais

OK, this is totally not the original version. The singer who first did this was none other than Sylvie Vartan, but the YouTubes doesn't have a version of it. And here I've been praising it as a valuable cultural institution for the last week. Well, what have you done for me lately, YouTube? So this is a fairly cheesy version by two Asian ladies calling themselves Duet. There are two of them. Get it?? At one point, they break into another language. What is that, Laotian? Thai? It's definitely not Chinese or Japanese, that's for sure. Anyhow, they put on a show and their backup dancers earn their pay. The 8 Women version was done by none other that Catherine Deneuve. Here it is:

That's the almost-equally-as-lovely Fanny Ardant looking on. You know, I remember it being a lot worse than this. I guess I remember wrong, because this is actually pretty good. I'd even go so far as to declare it better than the Asian ladies' effort. That'll do, Deneuve. That'll do.

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