Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Your Early Mid-Week Squirrel

Gosh, the squirrels were out in force at Denny Park today and they were particularly photogenic. So I ask you: why should a person have to wait until Sunday for another dose of squirrel? Of course, the answer is that there is no sane reason to wait. Here are some photos.

This guy held this pose for more than a minute. I don't know what he was trying to accomplish, but I've never seen a squirrel hold still for that long ever. Here he is:

And here he is half a minute later:

The soft focus effect is courtesy of my zoom lens. It does that when the subject is pretty far away. When I got slightly closer, he moved a little, but then held this pose for a long time, too:

Yes, the sun was shining and the squirrels were merry and cooperative. And that, folks, is my super-bonus squirrel special.

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