Friday, December 4, 2009

Problem Solved!

A few weeks ago, I showed some awful bad graffiti that sprayed on the side of Cafe Zoe here in the 2nd & Blanchard vortex. I claimed that they worked fast at Zoe to eradicate scrawlings of this type. Wow, did they ever. In fact, they were on it so quickly that I forgot that the offending puffy-looking thing had even been there, so I neglected to mention it. Well, now I'm mentioning it and here's your proof:

That shade of brown isn't the most attractive in world history, but it's functional at least.

This ties into my ringing criticism of the Cristalla, because this seems to be a lesson they haven't learned. Zoe gets rid of all graffiti almost immediately. It gets tagged once every three months or so. But it seems that dumbass taggers are trying less and less often, because they know their inferior efforts are quickly going to be wiped out. Contrast that with the Cristalla. It's just accumulating there. So yeah, my building might be old and weird, but at least the guys at Cafe Zoe have the neighborhood figured out. The Cristalla hasn't yet learned that lesson.

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Brocksamson said...

It has been proven countless times that the best way to defeat unwanted graffiti is to erase it as quickly as possible- and the more quickly the better. Having said that I am a firm believer that the only difference between graffiti and art is permission.