Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coming Soon to the Moore!

It's going to be a very busy day for the Moore. I'm no expert in children's acts, but these guys appear to be the American equivalent of the Wiggles. Yeah, I know, God help us all. My nephew was really into those Wiggles a few years ago. In addition to being tremendously annoying, I felt that they created the unfair impression that Australians are friendly and helpful, whereas many I have met are merely drunk and loud. These poor Imagination Mover-guys are doing two shows today. These affairs are always chaos. The intersection of 2nd & Virginia is transformed into this gigantic all-lane load zone that snarls all traffic, all parking lots within five blocks are packed with poorly-parked SUVs and mini-vans and the sidewalks teem with children demanding merchandise from the show. Good thing I'm leaving town for the day. Kid shows are just total madness.

Speaking of madness, guess who plays there tonight? I'll give you a hint:

OK, that was more than a hint. It was more like the answer. Well, after years of doing bland and successful family-oriented comedy, Bob is finally working blue. But honestly, who wants to see Bob Saget swear? I'm sure that many other comedians do it better. Patton Oswalt, for one. Everybody else in the world, for another. Of course this all depends on just how much misanthropy Bob deals out. Even though I have no intention of going, I hope it's a lot.

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