Sunday, February 28, 2010

Your Sunday Squirrel

I was getting a little worried. For most of the week, I'd only seen one squirrel. And it was the same guy - not the fellow above; I took that shot two weeks ago. Sure, there were a lot of guys around Denny Park doing maintenance and such, but urban squirrels are bold. Naturally, I feared the worst. But this last Friday, I saw no fewer than six. The weird thing is that they all seemed completely unaccustomed to somebody handing out peanuts, whereas there were a whole bunch of them who would come running whenever I called them. They don't seem to be around anymore. I fear the worst. However, squirrels are quick to learn that peanuts are delicious and that I won't hurt them. Very soon, this relatively new crop won't be nearly as skittish. But by then, there will be others who fear both peanuts and humans. I guess it never ends.

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