Friday, February 12, 2010

Where Is Eye Guy?

You know, I really hate taggers, but when somebody shows an understanding of concept, I tend to raise them above the fold of the other dumbasses. True, they're still defacing property, but they're defacing it in an interesting way. One of these few worthy people is the one I call Eye Guy. The moniker's source is obvious; he goes around the neighborhood painting eyes on various surfaces. (Examples of his work can be found here.) Or rather he went around the neighborhood. I haven't seen anything new by him in more than a month and a half. I know that my friend Jim spotted something by him in Tacoma in December. Is that where he is now? I kind of miss the eyes. They were very much out of the ordinary. But I guess that, like with Scary Skull Guy, they just move on after a while. Or get thrown in jail for some other offense. Or get hit by a train. Or get tragically decapitated at a Sounders game. Or get kidnapped by the mole people. These are all possible scenarios. If anybody spots any new stuff by Eye Guy, please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Hideous. This is the culprit. A friend of mine pointed this blog out to me. Thanks for the interest, and sorry for defacing a majority of your neighborhood. Although some of the conclusions you have drawn aren't exactly correct, it interests me to see how you interperet my graffiti. So what is the meaning? Are we victums of big brother's constant voyuerism? Is the half shut eye a reminder to open yours? These are some I have heard, and even agreed with in an afterthought, however there is no actual premeditated purpose. It is a fast legible tag that can be recognized by anyone, literate or not, english speaking or not. Any patterns you have noticed are probably random, anthough I did spent some time defacing words on signs such as "pay...", "no...." and "do not..." i.e. the anti-cruise in general. The closest thing to a message is "fuck you I was here." Sorry to dispell the illusion of anything more insightful. I am an artist of many mediums, and graffiti is a way to scribble on a scrap page before taking a more thought out approach the actual task at hand. Its a way to nonviolently get aggresstion and destruction out of my system, and that is why I do not associate with other graffiti writers. Respected graffiti artists most likely hate me because of my relentless approach and deliberatly sloppy style. So where did I go? Eye am still here, but in other forms. Due to real-life responsibilities, as well as the long arms of johnny law, I was forced to put this symbol to rest for the time being. But keep your hideous eyes peeled for my next struggle with insomnia. --"eye guy"