Monday, February 15, 2010

After Hours

Vika Antonova. Poimai menya (Catch me)

Last week's Russian-language selection was so restrained that I feel obligated to post a doubly trashy clip to compensate. Well, here it is. There's no nudity in this video, but if there was, it would actually be something of a relief. Yeah, there's a whole lot of gratuitous underwear portrayals and whatnot, all under the guise of working out. Of course, everybody knows that the most popular forms of exercise in Russia are smoking and weeping. I know, I lived there for a time. So I'm not buying this physically fit version of things. They're either not Russians (I think Vika might be Ukrainian) or they're computer generated, like all those impossible basketballs. And that's another thing - nobody works out with basketballs. And what's up with those astronaut sound bytes? That has nothing to do with anything! OK, I realize that I'm looking for logic where none is to be found. This is just supposed to feature a lot of people writhing. Well, it does. Enjoy!

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