Friday, February 5, 2010

New Place!

Hey, remember the recent Belltown Challenge that pitted glassblowing studios against Indian restaurants? Remember how there's just one of each? Remember? Bueller..? Bueller..? Well, you'll have to talk about Indian restaurants in the plural now, because a new one is opening up at 2nd & Battery, right next to the Rob Roy and Marrakesh, the yummy Moroccan place where you eat with your hands. Observe:

Before becoming an Indian restaurant, it was an empty storefront and graffiti magnet. Before that, it had something to do with some person who called himself "Dub B." He's some kind of reggae guy. You know, the type who doesn't have dreadlocks and totally doesn't look the part. I have no idea why his headquarters were there, but it looked like a totally dodgy operation. Maybe they were selling black market panda cubs or white rhinos or something, because what musician needs to rent office space? Anyhow, when these guys open up, I'll let you know how the chicken tikka masala is.

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Poppl said...

Dub B is a young hip hop artist who lives in Belltown. He also has a record company (Seareal) and is involved in mentoring young artists. I've met him, he's a sweetheart and a good soul. Don't know anything about the space on 2nd, though.