Monday, February 1, 2010

After Hours

Gluk'oZa. Tantsuy Rossiya! (Dance, Russia!)

I've been meaning to feature this clip for a while. Not only is it creepy, it's also inaccurate. OK, so the song is called "Dance, Russia!" but a lot of it was obviously filmed outside of Russia. I recognize Berlin's Alexanderplatz and I think there's a shot of Prague. You'll also notice that most locales have Gothic architecture and employ the Latin alphabet - another dead giveaway that we're not in Russia. Question: did no one in Russia want to dance? Why did they have to outsource to Western Europe? Anyway, so singer Natalia Ionova gets all glammed up to sing in front of some random guy in his underwear who gets a little too excited by the TV. Yeah, her voice can still cut through concrete, but she's quite striking, so that counts for something. OK, lots of non-Russians dancing around, creepy guy, Natalia's grating voice... Oh, and how about that ending. The creepy guy and his wife get into a fight. She yells at him for watching smut and he says that he's just waiting for soccer to come on and after that I kind of tuned out. So there you are: a completely deceptive video with unappealing people and a singer who can barely sing. Enjoy!

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