Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey, They're Gonna Put Something Else Here

This storefront's windows have been papered-out for ages. It's on 1st, between Virginia & Stewart. When I moved into the neighborhood, it was Cafe Sophie. And so it stayed for many years. But Sophie closed around five years ago and it became the Starlight Lounge, which didn't last long. I'm not sure why, because it always seemed like the place was packed. The clientele was very much on the douchey side, but that shouldn't have had anything to do with its short stint on this Earth. I dunno, maybe they were selling cocaine out of their kitchen, like they were doing at the former Brick Street (now part of the Gary|Manuel Salon on Blanchard. I won't speculate, but if somebody can solve the mystery of why the Starlight went out of business, please enlighten me. Anyhow, my point is that this place is going to be something soon. I hope it's something good and not another douchebag repository.


jodi said...

Is was also Avenue One, and then Fire and Ice (only lasted 7 months), right after Sophie? The place is heavily rumored to be haunted (some say the most haunted place in WA state), and supposedly that is why no business lasts here. It used to be the Butterworth mortuary.

Jim said...

Yes, I have heard rumors of hauntings and curses but the life-expectancy of establishments here has really been no shorter that those in nearby storefronts. Cafe Sophie was never very good but enjoyed having brunch at Ave One.

Igor Keller said...

That's right! I knew it had been something else between Sophie and Starlight. Thanks for the info!