Thursday, February 11, 2010

McGuire Scaffold-Watch! Week: ???? + 43

It's quite the slow news day. The only thing worth reading on is a bad review that Blush got. Oh, there's that item about the kid who got beat up in the bus tunnel while three security guards looked on. Even people who enjoy fights cannot dig this one. It's pretty awful. But it happened downtown - that place with tall buildings and ample retail (and a bus tunnel where people get beat up) - and I'm here to write about Belltown - except when the subject is squirrels. Then and only then do we shift our focus to the Denny Neutral Zone for just a moment during our week. OK, so enough about boring things like society collapsing in our transit tunnels. Our topic is scaffolds. As you can see, the McGuire's is still there. Many soldiers of the dwarf army were toiling yesterday when I took this picture. This doesn't fill me with hope that the hated scaffold will soon be down. That won't happen. It does, however, make me believe that the dwarfs have reached a peace accord with the mole people, with whom they have been feuding for some time. That means peace for everybody. The dwarf army is back to work grinding and re-grinding on the slopes of the McGuire and the mole people are no longer ambushing random humans and stealing their teeth to make necklaces. Hooray!

Well, I'm going out to search for news. If anything weird happens/is on display between here and the Market, I'll let you know.

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