Thursday, February 11, 2010

Security House Scaffold-Watch: Week 17

Let's have a look:

Whoops! Wrong side! Plus, there are lots of tree branches in the way. Well, in case you're curious, this is what the non-scaffolded side looks like - even though you may have already seen it a million times. Yeah, I know, pretty boring. Here's where the action is:

Or rather, you would see the action taking place if that attractive sheet of plastic wasn't in the way. Things are still quiet here. I did hear the sound of guys dropping things when I was passing by, but there was little else going on. So the scaffold is showing no signs of coming down. And the Security House is showing few signs of total and utter improvement. But think of that attractive plastic sheet as bandages on the face of someone who's had a facelift. Once it's off, there will be an entirely new person revealed to the world - misshapen and grotesque. That's what I'm expecting from this project. Please let it happen!

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