Tuesday, February 9, 2010

After Hours

Chantal Pary & Andre Sylvain. Seuls jusqu'a la fin des jours

Sweet, sweet Jeebus, this is a hilarious video! I wish they were all like this. Here you have Chantal and Andre all in loooove and such, but all you get of him is the back of his head. It's too bad, because at around that time, he sported a very impressive handlebar mustache. Maybe it's not even him. I have no idea. But that's definitely Chantal. While he's kickin' it freestyle with words of loooove, she just stands there and looks as if she's trying really hard not to fart. And then she sings her bit, he talks some more, she sings and we're done. Golly, I wish it could go on forever. OK, not forever, but maybe just a little longer. You'll also notice that it totally loses synch on the second chorus. That's because the second chorus is the first chorus. It's just a loop. Somebody got lazy! But hopefully you'll be mesmerized by her spiky eyelashes (as I was) and it won't matter. Honestly, just when I think I've hit the bottom of silliness in French pop music a new, much lower bottom appears. Although I think that nothing can be any more ridiculous as this, I'm sure there are about a hundred more videos that are much dumber. I spend my ample free time searching for them.

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