Tuesday, February 2, 2010

After Hours

Marie LaforĂȘt. Manchester et Liverpool

WARNING! This song will get caught in your head! Even with the screwy sound (this was the best of several vintage selections, so there were worse choices), you'll be humming it for days to come. So don't blame me for that. I told you what to expect! OK, so here's another beloved Armenian-French performer. Apparently, Marie's original last name was Doumenach or some such. She joins Charles Aznavour and Sylvie Vartan in the admired Armenians category. Yes, Sylvie is only half-Armenian, but still, half-Armenian is Armenian enough. Anyhow, this tune is about Manchester and Liverpool, two places you don't really to visit - like Schweinfurt in Germany, Tula in Russia, Rivne in Ukraine, Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Bodrum in Turkey and Amarillo in the U.S. Some people would argue with Bodrum. I've been there. It was all half-naked, middle-aged Germans going to the mega-disco every night. Yikes! There are far better places to visit in that wonderful land.

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