Friday, February 19, 2010

...Plus the Space Needle

You know, the Space Needle is such a common sight that I forget to look at it for weeks on end. I even used to have a kinda-sorta view of it (though I had to stick my head out the window to see it) until they built the starkly unattractive Senior Services Building a few years ago. Well, they do take good care of old folks, so I guess it's worth the view-blockage. Anyways, I just cooked up a challenge for myself: to try to Space Needle-bomb as many Belltown photos as possible - for fun! Here are a few I took today when I was out in the nice weather:

Of course, that's the McGuire with its scaffold. Suyama Peterson Deguchi is in the foreground. I thought it would be a lot tougher to capture the McGuire and the Needle together, but it was really easy. I just had to look with my eyes and then take a picture with my camera. The shot below is Belltown's ugliest building, the Bayview Tower:

The shadows and tree branches are obscuring a whole lot of gruesome architecture. You're welcome. So there's my first attempt at Needle-bombing. More examples will follow, because news is slow and the weather is very nice.

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