Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Garage Party!

What do you get when you mix blogging with bowling? Blowing? Bogging! Well, whatever it was, it happened last night at the Garage. It was just for me and about 60 of my close personal friends. See, we all contribute to the community blogs at the P-I, and since nobody gets paid, they threw us a bowling party. I brought my own shoes and ball - a mighty 16-pound Brunswick Black Beauty - into the mix. Don't worry, owning bowling accessories has never improved my game. I'm always lucky to break 100. I ended up scoring 124, 116 and 110, getting interviewed by this Japanese film crew and meeting my fellow bowling bloggers. My guest was my friend Ty's wife, Emily. Here we are:

That is not my ball; I had put the Black Beauty away, so I was forced to pose with a random house ball. So that was fun. Thanks, P-I.

But the evening wasn't over. Emily's husband, Ty, was playing in Ballard at the Coppergate, so I took that in. Here's the whole band:

That's Eric Peters on drums. He's good. These two will be cranking out the high-powered jazz every other Tuesday (alternating with Ron Weinstein) until they get fired. I highly recommend it. Cover is free, so what's stopping you, other than the fact that it's in Ballard?

Anyhow, that was my fun evening.

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