Friday, February 26, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

In terms of singer-songwriters, this guy is reasonably special in my book, because:
a) I know who he is, and
b) I like him.
Tunes like "Code Monkey" and "Zombies" really won me over, although their lyrics are a bit weak in places, plus "Code Monkey" unexpectedly turns into a love song - rather than it being a tale of a hapless drone in a featureless landscape - but otherwise, he's quite the troubadour. In addition to those two numbers, he wrote a song a day for a year. I wrote a brass piece a day till I hit 300. It took me 323 days. I'm pretty sure his songs are more entertaining, unless you're totally into brass music, in which case, you'd probably like my stuff way more. Anyhow, I would seriously consider going to this show, but I have the unwieldy Icebreaker Festival to attend tonight through Sunday. This is the time of year when the Seattle Chamber Players bring out all the scariest contemporary music from around the world. Tonight's madness comes from the Netherlands. There will be another four concerts on Saturday and Sunday, so I'm stretching out my ears to prepare for the great event. But I wish those attending Coulton's gig much joy.

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