Monday, February 22, 2010

After Hours

VIA Gra. Американская жена (American wife)

I just can't get over how un-clever their name is. Yep, that's how subtle Ukrainians are - not very. Anyhow, this is the title song to a Russian film of the same name. I've never even heard of it. It actually looks - what's the word? - watchable. Many Russian films cannot make a similar claim. Most just trudge along until everybody sobs - or everybody dies. But this movie has bright colors and quick young people with unusual hair. The song isn't great. That's mainly due to the arrangement. Somebody didn't know their jazz theory, so you have disagreement between the chords and the melody. There's something else weird in the chord changes, but I can't figure out precisely what it is. In case you're wondering, that phrase they keep repeating that sounds like "yemu ne nuzhna Amerikanskaya zhena" means "he doesn't need an American wife." Now you know. Yes, very sophisticated - especially that unfortunate bit of scat singing at the end.

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