Thursday, February 11, 2010

After Hours

Salvatore Adamo. Quand les roses

I haven't yet featured anything by Adamo, because he kind of creeps me out a little. But this clip is just absurd enough for that not to matter. Here's the story of the video: Adamo sings for a bit, then picks roses off of these screens and gives them to four decidedly plain young ladies. He sings some more, they go away and he stares into the mid-distance. The end. I'm also not keen on him, because he sings almost exclusively sappy ballads. In his time, he was billed as a non-threatening, ultra-romantic crooner, like some kind of Julio Iglesias-Air Supply hybrid. His tunes are harmless and forgettable. He's no Serge Gainsbourg, for sure, but judging from the many videos on the YouTube, he did have a viable career in the sixties. So whenever I can't decide what to post (like today), I'll just put up something by him. Does that sound fair?

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