Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Igor Goes to the Aquarium

I recently got the aquarium's newsletter. In it, they claimed that they had gotten a new batch of lumpsuckers, an odd, local fish. I decided to visit especially to see these new arrivals. Little did I know that I was walking smack into Octopus Week. It seems that they're going to release one of their giant octopi this Saturday, so this week is octopus-centric. Here's a giant octopus they're not going to release:

I case you're into it, they're releasing the other giant octopus this Saturday at noon. OK, so besides that, there were lots of other things. An angry-looking fish:

A seahorse:

Some seals:

A puffin:

And finally, the main attraction, the lumpsuckers:

Yeah, they're really tiny. With all they were saying about these fish, I expected them to be, y'know, bigger, but that's OK. I can now tell the Internet that I've seen a lumpsucker up close. How many people can say that? Not many, I tell you what.

Anyhow, it was a nice visit to the aquarium. Today was pretty much the perfect day to do it. The sun was out and there weren't too many children there.

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