Monday, March 1, 2010

Coming Soon to the Moore!

Lord, I'm so out of touch. Can you believe that I've never heard of these guys? I mean, they've been together since 1993 and released nine albums. I went over to the YouTube to see what I've been missing and you know something? They're pretty terrible. They've got this heavy, fake-reggae sound that's really hard to take. I'm sure it sounds great in the frat house, but I only hear bad songwriting inadequately concealed by loud guitars. So in other words, I haven't been missing much. If, however, you believe that I'm completely misguided in my conclusion, let me know if they do have any tunes that are bearable past the one-minute mark. And yes, I've heard their version of "Love Song." I kind of hate the Cure, so they didn't improve themselves in my eyes by covering that song.

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