Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, Finally!

My trivia team has managed to do something rather odd and cool this season - we've led all competitors in total points without winning a single contest. We've had a lot of second places and such. Last week, we were a disappointing seventh and because of that, we briefly relinquished our lead. But last night we finally won. And it certainly didn't feel like a victory until they announced it. It felt more like a fourth place showing. Hey, we'll take it! Not only did we do well, our nearest competitors kind of tanked, so we have more of a cushion. We would have won even without our miraculous guesses - there were several: Andy's guess of Rampage Jackson and mine of the Slim Shady LP by Eminem. FYI, I hate Eminem and never listen to his stuff. We got both the 10-point bonus (the number of films that De Niro has made with Scorsese) and the 21-point end bonus, which was all about film sequels. Still, there was nothing that made it feel like we were steaming along to victory. But that's the way it was. After three consecutive first-place finishes, rivals Super Karate Monkey Death Car went down in defeat. After falling way behind early in the season, they've been kicking ass recently. Not last night, though. If we can muster another win, we can just coast into the playoffs. Anyway, it's really nice to lead AND win.

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