Sunday, February 7, 2010

Your Sunday Squirrel

This isn't some ordinary picture of a squirrel going from one place to another for no apparent reason. No, what you're seeing is actually a squirrel traveling between dimensions. In another half-second, this little fellow was gone. Vanished. I merely captured him as the trans-dimensional portal opened up to let him in. So it appears that squirrels have mastered dimensional travel. Should we be afraid? Perhaps, but a more important question to ask is how they came by this technology. Did they find it? It's possible. Did they develop it by themselves? Unlikely, because all they really like to do is climb trees, eat peanuts and chase each other down for some sweet, sweet squirrel lovin'. Research and development are not their strong suits. Regardless of that, they now possess the technology. There's no telling where they go when they disappear, but I'm willing to guess that it is a place with many trees and more peanuts than they could ever bury. Maybe someday one of them will take me along.

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