Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Night Monkey!

As you may know, the Woodland Park Zoo is closing their night exhibit within the next month and a half. Yeah, I know, boo! Last time I was there, I totally shirked my duty to bring back pictures of the night animals. Over the last few weeks, I've really wanted to take a picture of the night monkey. Today I got my chance. Here it is:

See it? In all that darkness? Night monkey? In case you can't see it, I'll describe what you're not seeing: he's a small monkey that comes out at night. I also got a shot of the slow loris:

It's just like a regular loris, only slower. And then there's the rare Rodrigues fruit bat:

They're big and they make bad noises.

OK, so maybe that was kind of a bust, but I did see other animals:

This is a pile of chuckwallas. And thanks to the torrential rain, the penguins were not only swimming, they were also capering. Here they are with a little girl who wouldn't move out of the frame:

It wasn't a complete loss. I saw the night monkey with my own eyes, so that's good enough, isn't it? I think I'll head to the zoo a few more times before the night exhibit closes. The zoo claims that the animals will be distributed to different attractions and most won't be shipped away, but me, I'm gonna be real careful about ordering a "hot dog" at the Rain Forest Cafe, if you know what I mean. It's just that their assurances are a little like when your parents say that they're taking your dog to a farm in the country where he can run and be free. Doesn't it sound like that? Watch out for those "hot dogs," I say.

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