Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Well, Belltown's newest restaurant is open near the corner of 2nd & Battery (next to Rob Roy and one door down from the yummy Moroccan place where you eat with your hands):

It's called Madhu. Not Your Dhu, Madhu. I especially like the garish painting on the outside. Check it out:

Very greenish, no? I'm expecting their food to be better than their exterior design. Like many Indian restaurants around these parts, they have a lunch buffet and a happy hour. I will check it out soon - the next time I win at poker. Oh, the painful memories! I just hope that five stars MEANS five stars there. Most places really ease off the heat, because Seattleites in general like their ethnic food bland. So when you order an item and tell them five (or sometimes six) stars, you get what in other parts of the country is only one or two stars. Dudes, if I didn't want to breathe fire, I wouldn't have ordered five stars! Anyhow, let's hope they understand the concept.


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

I love that during these unstable economic times, businesses are still opening up in our area; however, awesome restaurants, like Flying Fish, are moving to suburbia, I mean South Lake