Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last Year's Trees vs. This Year's Trees

Last year, I tell you what, I was really very encouraged when the first signs of spring began to show. This happened in April. The first three months of the year had been extraordinarily dreary. Well, not so this year! Sure, we've had a little rain and some partly gloomy days, but overall, it's been quite nice. And warm, too. In fact, I haven't had the heat on for a week. All of those factors have combined for an early spring. I have photographic evidence of it. Behold, this is how a stretch of 1st Ave., between Virginia & Stewart looked like on April 9, 2009:

OK, nice, but here's what it looked like yesterday:

For those of you keeping score at home, yesterday was March 1st. So yeah, early spring.

Here at 2nd & Blanchard, the pear trees are in full blossom mode. Here is the one out in front of the Castle Apartments:

Yes, also lovely. In fact, all down 2nd Ave., the pears have all popped. It's quite a sight. Hooray for early spring!

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