Wednesday, March 31, 2010

After Hours

Françoise Hardy. Je suis d'accord

Here's some early FH back in the "ye-ye" days. It's from the film Château en Suède , directed by that notorious womanizer, Roger Vadim. Sure, she's not singing live, but it's a movie! She just merely strolls around, sings at one guy, then scoots over to the guitarist and that's about it. She doesn't pay attention to the old dude. I believe she's 17 or 18 in this clip and yes, she's kind of cute, but she got much better looking as the sixties went on, held on to that for the seventies and kind of bottomed out in the eighties. Since then, she has once again gotten better looking, but in a handsome-old-lady kind of way. I believe she's 65 or 66 these days. And so is France Gall. So there.